Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Issue 3 is drawn and inked and issue 4 is drawn and ready to be inked and issue 5's cover is drawn, inked and colored - phew!

Issue 1 has gone off to be solicited and is released on December 1st, it was going to be November but there was a scheduling mix up and it ended up being December.

It's really exciting as it's all starting to feel real now!

Robert Kirkman generously agreed to include a Marineman ad in an upcoming issue of Invincible, so thanks to him for that!

I'll be appearing at 'Thought Bubble' in November, promoting and sketching away along with my partner in crime, Richard Starkings, who'll be doing his Elephantmen thing, so if you can make it along, it'd be great to see as many faces as's the promotional banner for their website...

I'm off to Toronto tomorrow for the TorontoFan Expo so anyone in that neck of the woods please drop by and say hi!

I'm hoping to start roughing out issue 5 on the plane and I'll start inking issue 4 once I get back from the con.

I finally bit the bullet and had to get some help with the coloring on the interiors in the form of Nicolas Chapuis, so thanks Nic!

That's all for now, except I'm having a lot of fun getting this all out of my head and I can't wait to get it out there so you can all read and hopefully enjoy it too!

Catch you all soon!