Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I know what you're thinking, that Ian churchill is like a bus - no posts for ages and then suddenly two at once!

Well the reason is that my wife went out earlier and returned with the latest issue of DIVER magazine that just so happens to have a cracking review of Marineman issue 1!

In reference to my earlier post, as a result I had to go about amending the Marineman website to compensate for interested parties who aren't specifically into comics, and who may be passing through having read the review! I certainly hope that as many divers as possible prove curious and seek Marineman out, not just for my own sake but for the sake of the industry. We need as many new readers as we can find!

So if you are a reader of DIVER magazine, and are thinking of trying Marineman out, then welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the experience and come back for more...

DIVER is a great magazine and certainly worth checking out if you are partial to scuba diving.

Marineman was reviewed in the book review section and here it is if you're interested in taking a look...

DIVER's online magazine can be found at the end of this link...
The only problem with being a one man show, is just that - being a one man show!

It means that although you have control over what you're doing, you're constantly being dragged back and forth to different aspects of the production that demand attention!

So since my last post I've done the cover to issue 6, which I think is the best one so far, finished coloring issue 3, addressed some elements on issue 4 and got the coloring underway, laid out the whole of issue 6 and all the while trying to draw issue 5!

Issue 5 is penciled and i'm currently inking it. the final changes have just been made to the lettering on issue 3, so it's out the door to the printers and according to Image, should be with you in stores on February the 16th.

The best thing about being a one man show though, of course, is the ability to shape the project as you see fit, and although it's a lot of hard work - it's fun in equal measure!

Marineman issue 2 got a great response from everyone which I'm very grateful for, and issue 3 in my opinion is the most emotive chapter to date. I hope when you read it that you'll all agree...

I did a little Marineman thumbnail while liaising with Comicraft over mods to the lettering the other day so thought I'd post it, it might make a good pin-up or cover at some point. I think it has good kinetic movement to it.

Thanks again to everyone who's supporting Marineman, and I'll try to post again soon!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hi everyone,

Marineman issue 2 is released this week, I hope you can pick one up and that you enjoy the read!

It's been a while since my last post I know - mostly down to a combination of illness and Christmas. Still on schedule though, even if it does mean burning the midnight oil!

I'm happy with how issue 2 turned out and for all those who thought issue 1 needed more action - well it's made up for in this issue. All part of the master plan...Insert maniacal laughter right here!

Issue 3 is a few pages away from heading to the letterer and next on the agenda is to get the cover to issue 6 finalized for solicitation. I'm still laying out issue 6 but it's looking like it may have to be double sized to comfortably fit everything in - I'll keep you all posted though.

I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for the support you've all shown me and my creation, it really means the world to me.

It came to my attention that Marineman was a sketch challenge on Deviantart recently, which I have to say was hugely flattering! There was some great renditions of Mr. Ocean in action and it was strange to see him drawn by someone other than me for the first time!

Here's the link if you're curious....

More soon...And happy new year to you all!