Friday, 30 September 2011

Been a while since I last posted I noticed!

I've been doing all I can to get the Marineman trade into as many outlets as possible which is time consuming and also attending quite a few comic shows over the last few weeks.

I've also been drawing a brand new Marineman cover for SPORT DIVER magazine - the official magazine of the PADI diving organisation. They're doing a Marineman feature  in their next issue which is all kinds of cool in my opinion! I'll post the cover as soon as the issue is released.

I'm also working on a charity print to try and raise money for the British Heart Foundation featuring Marineman - I'll let you know how it goes as it progresses...

On a complete side note, the pop star Rihanna is filming a movie called 'Battleship' which I think is based on the classic board game - I came across photos by accident while surfing and it struck me that without the tattoos she'd make a pretty cool Charlotte Greene if it turns out that she can act.

See what you think...