Thursday, 28 July 2011

Just rolled back in from The San Diego Comic Con!

What a show! It was fantastic and I want to say a huge and hearty thank you to everyone who took the time out of their con experience to come and say 'hi'!

The Marineman trades were flying out of the booth and even Jonathan Ross swung by to pick up a copy with his son!  For any blog followers who are American - In England, Jonathan Ross is as famous as Jay Leno!

The Marineman banner was won on Sunday by an excited Dennis Hoffman, and we had a lot of fun figuring out how to best remove it from it's mechanism!

I'm making this post from my ipod as my imac is currently being repaired so I'll make a more detailed report on the show as soon as soon as my computer is back...

I'll post soon!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Received a delivery of Marineman issue 6 today and it printed really well - so I'm very happy about that!

My advice is to NOT look at the back of the issue when you pick it up, as the story extends right to the back page! I needed all the pages available to me to fit everything into the book - hence the bar code on the front cover for this issue.

I'll look forward to reading what you think about issue 6 then....


Monday, 11 July 2011

Hey everybody,

Image Comics have just released a sneak preview of Marineman issue 6 on CBR - here's the link if you just can't wait...!

Due for release - Wednesday 13th July, the double sized monster is on it's way!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Even though I finished issue 6 a while back, the production side seems to have taken longer than expected but issue 6 will be out this month of July, rest assured!  And the trade will be not far behind it...

Everyone has been posting interesting movie actor choices after my last post, I'm really enjoying how you all picture Marineman in real life.

Now that he's lost his boyishness and put on a few pounds I think Zac Efron might be pretty good as Steve and I see Jessica Lucas as Charlotte, hands down!

Rob Lowe would make a good David Ocean but I'm still thinking on Jake and the Admiral...Hmmmm....

I've just finished updating the Marineman website, so if you haven't checked it for a while now would be a good time. It works fine in Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome but seems to have a few bugs in Internet Explorer. I also noticed a spelling mistake so I'll fix that tomorrow.

I'm prepping for San Diego and have a new banner in the works especially for the show which is ten feet tall! No one is going to miss that! I'm considering auctioning it on Ebay once I'm done with it if anyone would be interested. If you happen to be going to the San Diego show, I'll be at the Image booth the whole time and would be stoked if you came by!

I hope you all enjoy issue 6 when it hits the stores - I think you will!

I'll post again soon,