Friday, 12 November 2010

I sent one of the advanced copies of Marineman to comic book legend Dave Gibbons earlier this week, as I promised I would, and he sent me an email this morning saying that he really liked it!
So, thanks Dave!


  1. Hi Ian, just to let you know that I picked up Marineman #1 at Thought Bubble and thought it was absolutely gorgeous - my friend Paul and I reviewed it on our podcast too:

    Looking forward to #2!

  2. Didn't realise MM wasn't out already - I posted a review of issue 1 what seems like yonks ago...

  3. Hey there Alkennedy,

    I listened to your podcast and I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you for the gracious things you said about Marineman number 1! I can guarantee issue 2 picks up the pace and I hope you'll enjoy that too!

  4. Rob.Keery,

    Thanks for the quick review, I appreciate it!

    I'll look forward to your review of issue two...!

  5. Hello Sir,

    I've ordered Marineman #1. It caught my daughter's eye and she said that she had to have it. I'd like to give it a read too.