Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The only problem with being a one man show, is just that - being a one man show!

It means that although you have control over what you're doing, you're constantly being dragged back and forth to different aspects of the production that demand attention!

So since my last post I've done the cover to issue 6, which I think is the best one so far, finished coloring issue 3, addressed some elements on issue 4 and got the coloring underway, laid out the whole of issue 6 and all the while trying to draw issue 5!

Issue 5 is penciled and i'm currently inking it. the final changes have just been made to the lettering on issue 3, so it's out the door to the printers and according to Image, should be with you in stores on February the 16th.

The best thing about being a one man show though, of course, is the ability to shape the project as you see fit, and although it's a lot of hard work - it's fun in equal measure!

Marineman issue 2 got a great response from everyone which I'm very grateful for, and issue 3 in my opinion is the most emotive chapter to date. I hope when you read it that you'll all agree...

I did a little Marineman thumbnail while liaising with Comicraft over mods to the lettering the other day so thought I'd post it, it might make a good pin-up or cover at some point. I think it has good kinetic movement to it.

Thanks again to everyone who's supporting Marineman, and I'll try to post again soon!


  1. #3 was very cool. I like how Steve took to his identity being revealed to everyone in stride, and handled the interview as candidly as possible, even though it's still clearly effecting him. It sets him apart from most of the big-two heroes, and yet still more easy going and innocent than most independent super-hero comics. I'm anxiously awaiting the new characters to meet with Steve. It'll provide some good groth when Steve finally meets other ocean dwellers (presuming that's who's watching him). Keep up the good work, man!
    -Shawn McLoughlin

  2. Hi Shawn,

    Just to let you know I've put your letter in Marineman issue 4!



  3. Hi Ian;

    Please tell me that you are not setting Steve up with that US malitary officer (forget her name). I find her too angry. I read comics so that I can read about strong assertive women. Not weak angry one's who have a chip on their shoulder. Steve deserves someone better.