Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know - Marineman issue 4 is released today!

A favorable review surfaced for it on Newsarama, the reviewer obviously wasn't keen on the first issue but seems to have come around to the fun side!

Here's the link...

I hope you all enjoy it, I'm currently finishing off the coloring of issue 5 so the guys at Comicraft can do their funky lettering - Look for issue 5 to be available at the end of April.

Once again, thanks for all your support!



  1. Hi Ian,

    Diving right in, I want to say that in medias res is my favorite storytelling form. I credit the greatest seafaring tale of all-time, The Odyssey, with giving me that appreciation.

    I'm glad to hear you're treating this series a la Hellboy and Criminal. Its my hope that the Big Two start doing this. Instead of 5 great X-Men stories followed by 3 garbage issues before another decent mini-run, I'd rather see these series treated like TV seasons. Go on hiatus and come up with a kickass story told by a singular writing/art team for a dozen issues or so. Rinse. Repeat. I know it'll never happen because of all the money left on the table by not having 9 monthly Batmen, but I guess that's why I'm drawn to the indies in the first place.

    I'm going to save most of my story commentary until the arc is over and I can re-read everything in one sitting, but this issue has definitely been the best.

    What I really want to talk about is the art. The contrast of the red alert sub interior and deep blue ocean on the first 10 pages was a beautiful choice. My eyes are crying many thanks to you and Alex Sollazzo.

    The photographed water: is that from a personal collection or courtesy of a stock photography site like Getty? Just curious. I usually find the mixing of photography and penciling to be jarring, but in these instances, it's seamless. Ditto the Cousteau poster in Steve's house, which, might I add, is a SICK pad. When my garage has that much water, it usually means the annual Labor Day beach bash has been ruined by hurricane season.

    The bubbles/splashes, both drawn and the ones that look like a Photoshop splatter brush, stole the show this month. The kinetic energy was never more present than on Page 9, with Steve pushing the sub. Or maybe Page 19, when Steve greets his old man and the admiral. Tough call. I don't know why my eye is drawn to such minutiae, but here we are.

    Speaking of which, the face slugs are now growing legs?!? Oh no. The slugless Charlie on Page 1 looks INFINITELY better than the cockroach-face Charlie (and other characters) on Pgs 4-5. It's a choice I don't understand, less so now that I've noticed its not consistent. What are you going for?

    You printed my letter! That was a nice thrill to end the book. Thanks!

    I enjoyed the backups, as usual, but was disappointed when I Googled "gorgonians" and saw they were nowhere nearly as wonderful as what my mind invented upon reading the name. There's really nothing you can do about that, but I thought I'd point it out.

    Before I bid you adieu, I leave you with my own backup.

    In summer 2000, the beach was infested with jellyfish, probably a combination of strong westward winds and uncommonly warm July water. It resulted in a very itchy ocean (even without actually making contact with a jelly), and even a few closed-for-swimming days. Brutal.

    On a good day, the water was refreshing, but the high tide line, teeming with dead jellyfish, looked like a cobblestone street as far as the eye could see. One patron, a little Eskimo-looking man, asked about the jellies. I explained that anything with color (usually a Lion's mane or sea nettle) should be avoided, but the clear variety (moon jellies) were so harmless you could not only touch them, but eat them if you really wanted to.

    The Eskimo thought that was rubbish and came back with a moon jelly about the size of a flattened softball. He offered me a $100 to eat it. It tasted like Extra Salty Cucumber flavored Jell-O.

    I still don't know what that guy was doing on the beach with a $100 bill.

    Looking forward to #5,
    Scott Modrzynski

  2. Ian,

    Issue four was a fantastic read. I am enjoying the pacing, built on a solid foundation. It has me reading quickly and smiling often.

    As a comicbook fan for over forty years, I can be set in my ways. Although I picked up a wide range of books, Coven was the first non-hero book and first non-Marvel/Dc book to top my list.

    In terms of art, Perez, Churchill and Buscema have been my favorites and I was never very comfortable with a cartoony style. Once again you have converted me. I love the Marineman art, which is the perfect fit for this book.

    You have the best book on the market and I hope you will keep this labor of love afloat. Having praised the art, there is enough old school fan in me that I would love to see a cover (or pin up)of Steve and Charlotte in your Coven Style. Thanks for all you have done and will do!
    Wayne Bailey
    South Charleston, WV

  3. Ian,

    I finally read issue 3 & 4 and just wow this is one of the funnest most interesting comics out. It's got everything! Wonderfully paced story, great characters with rich relationships, and gorgeous art! That double page spread of atlantis iin issue 3 was out of this world! I really hope the sales are good enough to warrant many more mini series! I look forward to the next 2 issues and the eventual trade.

    All the best,

    Dennis Hoffmann

  4. Scott,

    Thanks for all the positive remarks!

    You really put the issues under the microscope which suggests to me that you really want to get as much out of them as possible...

    I tell you though, Gorgonians are more impressive and beautiful when seen in situ rather than on a computer screen. When you see them underwater surrounded by fish and can get an appreciation of their size and fragility, they take on a whole new dimension.

    Perhaps you'll have to take up scuba diving?

    I hope you enjoy issue 5 and thanks for writing!

    All the best,


  5. Hello Wayne,

    Well I never thought I'd ever get sandwiched between Perez and Buscema! I'm honored!

    Thanks for the Marineman praise, it's good to know that you and others are having fun reading it!

    As for Marineman and the good lieutenant in my more detailed style, I didn't think it would fit the series which is why I went with my simpler more natural style, but for a pin-up - well that might work!

    Maybe if I can find time i could do one for the trade and if not, then some time down the line on this blog might be the answer!

    So keep checking back in the months to come!

    All the best,


  6. Hi Dennis,

    I'm happy you liked the Atlantis spread! It was a challenge to draw but one worth undertaking!

    I'll have to find time to post on the blog the linework version so you can see it without the color...

    I too would like to see many more mini series!

    I hope you like the next two issues - some twists and turns are imminent!

    The trade is going to have lots of extras, plus a foreword by the great Dave Gibbons so please be sure to place an order!

    Thanks for taking the time to let me know you like the book!

    All the best,


  7. Thank you Ian. Marineman provides great suspense, but it also has a good flow to it. Issue five can not come fast enough for me. You tell a good tail.

    Loving your natural style with this book because it adds to the energy. Thanks for considering a Steve/Charlie pin up for the trade in your detailed yet clean style. The compare and contrast of styles in your Hulk TPB was classic.

    Thanks to Spencer Beck I have some pages from your runs on Coven, Superman, X-Men, Supergirl and Avengers. The work is amazing. Hope to chase down a Marineman page for my collection.
    Wayne Bailey