Thursday, 7 July 2011

Even though I finished issue 6 a while back, the production side seems to have taken longer than expected but issue 6 will be out this month of July, rest assured!  And the trade will be not far behind it...

Everyone has been posting interesting movie actor choices after my last post, I'm really enjoying how you all picture Marineman in real life.

Now that he's lost his boyishness and put on a few pounds I think Zac Efron might be pretty good as Steve and I see Jessica Lucas as Charlotte, hands down!

Rob Lowe would make a good David Ocean but I'm still thinking on Jake and the Admiral...Hmmmm....

I've just finished updating the Marineman website, so if you haven't checked it for a while now would be a good time. It works fine in Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome but seems to have a few bugs in Internet Explorer. I also noticed a spelling mistake so I'll fix that tomorrow.

I'm prepping for San Diego and have a new banner in the works especially for the show which is ten feet tall! No one is going to miss that! I'm considering auctioning it on Ebay once I'm done with it if anyone would be interested. If you happen to be going to the San Diego show, I'll be at the Image booth the whole time and would be stoked if you came by!

I hope you all enjoy issue 6 when it hits the stores - I think you will!

I'll post again soon,




  1. WOW! The Website looks amazing!! It's so sweet! Sketch--->Marinegirl? Is that going to be in the book? That would be awesome, she looks like a cool character! Thanks for the post on #6, can't wait!

  2. Thanks Vic!

    The first attempt at the website was a little rushed and cobbled together, so once the trade was wrapped, I decided it needed some attention - glad you like it!

    As for Marinegirl - well to quote the Mariner,"That would be telling..."!

    I'm really happy with issue 6, it was a challenge to fit it all in 42 pages but it turned out really well, and with all the practice I had producing the previous issues, it's the best looking of the bunch by a long shot!


  3. Can't wait till Marineman #6 I been looking for it for a while :P I wish it was an ongoing it would be so cool to pick up both Marineman and the new Aquaman comic together cause they have become my favorite Marine based superheroes! Hopefully that Marinegirl comic happens though, I really enjoy your art and writing :)
    Also I can't find that website that you mentioned. When ever I type in Marineman website it just takes me here, do you have a link?
    Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  4. Hi Jordan,

    I think there were some production snarl-ups that delayed issue 6 slightly but it will be out this month - promise!

    If you click on the link on this page to the Marineman website it will take you to the main site, I just tested it and it is working. or you can type into your browser,

    Best viewed in Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.

    Thanks for the good wishes!