Friday, 30 September 2011

Been a while since I last posted I noticed!

I've been doing all I can to get the Marineman trade into as many outlets as possible which is time consuming and also attending quite a few comic shows over the last few weeks.

I've also been drawing a brand new Marineman cover for SPORT DIVER magazine - the official magazine of the PADI diving organisation. They're doing a Marineman feature  in their next issue which is all kinds of cool in my opinion! I'll post the cover as soon as the issue is released.

I'm also working on a charity print to try and raise money for the British Heart Foundation featuring Marineman - I'll let you know how it goes as it progresses...

On a complete side note, the pop star Rihanna is filming a movie called 'Battleship' which I think is based on the classic board game - I came across photos by accident while surfing and it struck me that without the tattoos she'd make a pretty cool Charlotte Greene if it turns out that she can act.

See what you think...


  1. Ian,

    Good luck getting marineman into more outlets. We need more people reading Marineman! I got a couple of friends to get the trade off amazon and their hooked. Their more casual readers than avid comic fans, so I think that's good. Anyways I can't wait to hear what's up next for you. Here's hoping it's the next chapter in Steve oceans life!

    All the best,

    Dennis Hoffmann

  2. Thanks Dennis, I agree!

    I'm doing a dive show at the weekend so I hope that will get Marineman into the hands of a bunch of people who wouldn't normally go near the comic racks!