Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hey there everyone!

I see another couple of blog followers have joined the list, welcome to the world of Marineman!

So the Bristol Comic Expo has been and gone again - A great show as always.

Thanks to those who turned up at the booth! The Marineman booth was a fledgling booth but everyone has to start somewhere, eh? I had a constant stream of people waiting for sketches to keep me on my toes ( Only one Marineman request though - hope that soon begins to change....!) and two panels to sit in on. One alongside my fellow Image comics creators at the Image panel and the other at the Elephantmen panel both of which were mediated by my 'grate' mate, Richard Starkings.

Speaking of which, Richard took oodles of snaps which I shall be posting at the beginning of next week.

I am also a last minute addition to the guest list at the London MCM show this weekend coming where I'll once again be alongside the Elephantment booth, so if you can make it along then please do. I'll have some new Marineman prints with me too.

For anyone who missed the Bristol show, here's what the Marineman show banner looks like...

More posts soon...

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