Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hi to the two followers of the Marineman blog! Thanks for the interest!

The Issue of Elephantmen featuring the Marineman five page preview is issue 25, available now from all good comic book retailers. Marineman aside, it's a cool issue made up entirely of splash pages and a jolly good read.

Apologies for the lack of recent posts but I've been busy prepping for the Bristol convention which is this coming weekend, I'll look forward to seeing anyone who drops by the booth!

Issue two is almost drawn now and issue one is still in the coloring stage, it's the flatting that takes so long...

I should have issue two done before the weekend so after Bristol I'll be getting underway on issue three - Hurrah!

I intend to try and be a bit more regular with the blog and if I don't have time to write then I'll start posting Marineman sketches and thumbnails from my archives.

Here's a pin up that's going in the Image San Diego Comic Con special.

More soon, promise!


  1. Marineman looks great Ian! looking forward to seeing more, and seeing you in Bristol it will be great to catch up...

  2. Hi,

    Saw you at the Image panel at Bristol. I liked your idea of a fresh take on comics for an all-ages market and Marineman looks a lot of fun. You mentioned the tedium of flatting taking your time up your time made me laugh as that's the only thing I've ever really managed to master. The flats look fine but when I start shading it all falls apart. Having said that, as a way of honing my skills and saving you time I'd like to offer my services in that regard. Obviously I'm a complete novice so I'd understand if you thought that'd give you MORE work than less but the offer is that. I'm a glutton for mindless (nearly) tasks, what can I say?


  3. This is amazing, do you do your own colours?