Tuesday, 1 June 2010

After the Bristol show I came down with a bit of a chest infection which knocked the wind out of my sails....The good news was that I was okay by the time the London MCM show rolled around at the weekend and what a great show it was!

First time I've been to the MCM and I really enjoyed it. Lots of people came by the booth and showed a lot of interest in Marineman. I did a lot of sketching including 3 Marineman sketches so that pleased me...

Me at the booth!

And again...!

The Marineman preview!

I was seated between my 'grate' mate Richard Starkings who was doing great business with his Elephantmen booth, and the best selling writer; Tony Lee.

Rich and his Elephantmen!

My new Marineman print proved to be a big hit and I had no promotional badges/pins left by the end of the show!

Emma, the Organizer had the whole show ticking over like a well oiled engine and Richard, the very talented Boo Cook and myself got together and created a 'jam' sketch for her by way of a thank you for treating us so well.

Emma's 'jam' sketch.

Emma with her sketch...

I'll look forward to the next show...

More posts soon.

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