Monday, 6 June 2011

Hey everyone,

Issue 6 is finished bar the lettering, which is due anytime now and then it's off to the printer - Hurrah!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I was getting excited and caught up with it myself - and I know what happens!

Again, there wasn't enough room for the Oceanauts feature in this issue, I needed all 42 pages to fit the story in, but rest assured there'll be two new Oceanauts features especially for the trade.

Speaking of which, the trade is what I'm straight on to once I end this post, beginning with the cover art and then page designs and onward...

I'll keep you updated as and when I can...



  1. Sweet! Sounds awesome! I can't wait for the trade to come out! Hopefully you put lots of extras (sketches, "deleted scenes," pinups, etc) cuz I hate when I order a trade and it is exactly what I have in the individual issues!

  2. This is the best comic I've read in years. The concept, art, and execution are brilliant. Marineman is a well adjusted, mature, responsible nice guy, who happens to have superpowers and enjoys using them. He's a true hero without the pretension or heavy handed preaching. This book makes me happy just to read it. I don't mean I enjoy it....I do....I just mean happy. I want to be this character, which isn't something that happens that often anymore. Thanks, Mr. Churchill for creating a fantastic reason to keep reading comics.

  3. HI Ian !

    Thanks for your great comics ! I hope you'll continue it ! (is it an official ongoing series in fact !??)

    I wanted knowing if you have any goodies or Original art from the Marineman Universe to sell ?

    Tell me!

    A french Parisian fan ^^

  4. The Marineheads await the finale with anticipation! I too will pick up the Marineman HC/Coffee Table edition just for the concept artwork, sketches, behind the scenes goodness, like how all DVDs and Blu-Rays should be.

    Hopefully once its all done Ian, you can do a little Marineman signing tour, perhaps hitting sunny Southern California and do a signing here!

  5. Hi Vic,

    Rest assured there are lots of extras to make it worth your while!


  6. Vincent,

    I really don't know what to say! That is a fantastic comment to have posted!

    I hope you do indeed continue reading comics!

    All the best,


  7. Hi there Samoan!

    The series will be a series of series, like Hellboy or Sin City.

    As for selling the art - I haven't decided yet, it's such a personal project! If I do decide to sell some pages - you'll find out first right on this blog...!


  8. Hi Ryan,

    I'm glad you'll be picking up the trade (which I have just finished putting together) although it's a soft cover not a hard cover to make it more affordable for all Marineheads!

    I would love to do a Marineman signing tour, I'll have to see what I can sort out...I will be at the San Diego show if that helps!


  9. Ian,

    Sounds great! Put me down for two!
    As for going to San Diego, well...I don't do San Diego anymore. It's not fun for me. Its more Pop Culture Con than straight comics. Still, I wish you nothing but the best of luck at San Diego.

    Perhaps we need to get our friend Richard Starkings to persuade you to stay for a post-Con signing here in LA!

    Hey...a guy can dream, right?