Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Issue 6 has been lettered and is off to the printer - Hurrah!

I finished compiling the trade on Saturday and I'm confident you'll all be happy with it - I was!
Lots of extras plus a rocking foreword by Dave Gibbons!


How cool is that?!

While working on Marineman it was hard to stop my mind drifting and one thing I kept coming back to was who I would cast if there was ever to be a Marineman movie!

So just for fun - if you all want to have a think and post who you'd see in the roles - I'd love to see what you're all thinking!

Given an ideal world, I know who I'd choose and I'd be interested to see if your choices tally up with mine.

I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with...!



  1. Excited about issue six and the trade. The twist in issue five caught me off guard, but have a feeling the grande finale will kick it up another notch.

    On the movie side of life, when I saw the X-Men First Class movie I could not help but feel like the Hellfire Club kidnapped Scratch out of the pages of Coven. Am I the only one that was distracted by that.

  2. MM. For jake i see Edward Norton...^^

  3. I think Ryan McPartlin ( Captain Awesome on NBC's "Chuck" might make a good Marineman.

    I can't wait for issue #6, Ian, and congrats on getting a foreward to the trade from Dave Gibbons. That's very cool.

  4. Easily Chris Helmsworth (Thor). There was a scene in Thor when he was smiling wide and it looked just like the face on the cover issue - I even pointed it out to my husband, who agreed. Also brings the easy charm (Steve Ocean tv personality) and pathos (father reveal). Ready-made blonde and beefy - and talented, of course!

  5. Just a short note to say: WOW! You draw hot guys!!

    Thanks for that :)

    Dale Lazarov

  6. Marineman movie?
    Someone with a swimmer's build definitely. Get someone has an Ian Thorpe/Michael Phelps body and the acting chops that can pull off swimming... Chris Pine was the first name I thought of, or an Alex Pettyfor. Couple outside choices: Emile Hersh and Michael Pitt.

  7. Hi Wayne,

    Yeah he was very Scratch like but still a great movie none-the-less!

  8. Hi Samoan,

    Interesting choice - you do realize Jake is native American indian?

  9. Hey Jim Nelson,

    Ryan McPartlin is a good choice although he's already 35 which puts him at the top of the age bracket...

    I couldn't believe it when Dave said yes to the foreword - he did a brilliant job too!

  10. Hi HoneyHound,

    I missed the Thor movie - I was tied up with Marineman! I heard great things though...

    From what I've seen of Chris Hemsworth I'd say good choice, except that now everyone knows him as Thor!

  11. Hi Dale Lazarov,

    Thanks! I try my best!

  12. Hi Ryan,

    Chris Pine was my immediate thought too, but he's Captain Kirk now! Not keen on Alex or Michael, but Emile Hersh - Now him I can picture! Not sure how big he is though, Marineman is tall and beefy...

  13. Noone said Patrick Warburton or Thomas Haden Church?