Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Went to BICS at the weekend and had a great time. Even though it was only a one day show it was steadily busy despite being on a bank holiday. I caught up with all the usual suspects and the Marineman booth had a constant line which was cool...

When I was at the INFINITY AND BEYOND store signing the other week I agreed to draw a sketch of Marineman on the back of their - special shop anniversary Walking Dead comic.

I didn't get the time while I was at the store but managed to find an hour this morning. So here for the first time is Zombie Marineman - and he's still smiling even though he's undead!

Click on the drawing to go LARGE!


  1. This is ridiculously amazing! I may be tempted to get a sketch like this for myself from you!

    Any chance you'll be attending London MCM expo next month?

  2. Speaking of sketches, how do I go about contacting you? I'd love to hang some Marineman artwork in my house.

  3. Hi Joe T,

    Sorry, I won't be at the London MCM but I will be at Thought Bubble in Leeds, November time.

  4. Hi Claude B,

    You can contact me via my Facebook page, there are a lot of Ian Churchill pages so look for the one with the photo that matches the blog.

    I haven't sold any of my Marineman pages yet. They are all in pencil over blue line, FYI. Not inked.

  5. Would you accept inked commissions? Can I even afford you? lol

  6. Hi ClaudeB,

    I do accept inked commissions although I have a handful to get through before I can take on more, as to whether you can afford one - I don't know!

    My prices are reasonable, otherwise I wouldn't have as many takers as I do...

    Feel free to contact me via Facebook.