Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Birmingham Dive Show!

Just got back from the Birmingham dive show and had a fantastic time. The Sport Diver cover went down really well, Sport Diver had no copies left by the end of the show and I was told that it was the first non-photographic cover they have ever published!

It was great to put names to faces and to just see all the new diving kit on display - very similar to comic shows in some respects. The Marineman trades were flying from the booth and it was also good to see a healthy amount of children at the show, which the diving and comic industries both need for continued success in the future...

The Marineman prints were well received and i'll be running up another batch for the Thought Bubble show in November. I'm really looking forward to it, hope to see you there...!


  1. This is awesome. I think it's sweet that you are getting non-comic people (divers) into a different new thing. I was wondering how many people at the show actually have read comics before or if it's something that never really came up. On a side note...(not to be greedy) but there is going to be more Marineman coming up in the future right. I have read my trade a bunch and can't wait for the story to continue...maybe a sneak peak on the blog when there is something? :)

    Anyway keep at the shows as I believe many people should be enjoying the story.


    1. Thanks Vic,

      Rest assured, there will be more Marineman!

      I've plotted up to issue 3 of volume 2 so far. Keep updated on the Marineman Facebook page...


  2. Ian congrats on the Ravagers! I'll definitely be picking it up. I just hope this only puts a small delay on the next volume of Marineman!

    All the best,

    Dennis Hoffmann